4 Split Cut Actions off Post Feeds

What happens with the four other players on offense when the ball is passed into the post? Do you avoid throwing the ball into the post altogether? Post feeds are a great way to invert your offense and run actions on the perimeter to open up players for scoring opportunities.

If you’ve watched teams like the Golden State Warriors or the Miami Heat, you’ve seen split actions off post feeds. Once the ball enters the post, the passer moves towards another perimeter player to screen. Sometimes it’s a clear screen. Other times the two players are just moving towards each other to create confusion for the defense. What happens next depends on how the defense plays the split.


Probably the most common action off the Split Screen is the slip. After the feed into the post, the passer sets a screen for the next perimeter player. After using the screen, the screener slips to the front of the rim. If the defense stays, the shooter ends up with a clean 3PA. But even if the defense switches, the screener often finds himself with a window of opportunity to receive that pocket pass from the player in the post.


The “reject” is a great automatic if the defense attempts to blow up your split screen. The defender of the player receiving the screen may attempt to jump the screen in order to take away the screen. Instead of forcing the issue, the intended receiver of the screen cuts back door to the rim while the screener spaces back out to the wing.


The combination of Draymond Green and Steph Curry are masters of the step-up after the split screen. The action starts with a slip off the split action (Frame 1). After the post player passes to the player coming off the screen, the post player immediately sets a step-up screen. Depending on how x5 plays the step-up, you can either get a drive for 3 or a pass back to 5 for a finish in close.

Dribble Hand-off

Similar to the step-up is the DHO. Again, it starts with the slip (Frame 1), but on the pass out of the post, the perimeter player (3) throws it back into 5. 3 chases the pass and receives a hand-off from the post player.

Looking for more? Watch this #HoopsForum as Randy Sherman and I break down each action with video clips and detailed explanations.


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