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Tony Miller

Tony Miller

Tony Miller has worked as an assistant coach for the Bob Jones University Bruins men’s basketball since 2012. In 2014, he earned a doctorate in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy (USSA). Since that time, he has served as the program coordinator and associate professor for both the sport management and sports administration and coaching majors at Bob Jones University.

Podcast Episodes

Tigers’ Flow Offense with Parfait Bitee, Towson Tigers

Parfait Bitee is an assistant coach for Pat Skerry’s Towson Tigers. Coach Bitee shares insights on the Tigers’ flow offense, including ideas for teaching new players conceptual offense, how to make conceptual offense unique to your program, and the future of conceptual offense.


49ers H.E.A.R.T with Cara Consuegra, Charlotte 49ers

Cara Consuegra’s 49ers team is built on her five specific core values of Heart, Effort, Accountability, Respect and Toughness. In this episode, Coach Consuegra discusses the 49ers’ HEART culture, their elite defensive system, and how to teach rebounding to players.


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