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A Quick Timeout Podcast
Tony Miller

Tony Miller

Tony Miller has worked as an assistant coach for the Bob Jones University Bruins men’s basketball since 2012. In 2014, he earned a doctorate in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy (USSA). Since that time, he has served as the program coordinator and associate professor for both the sport management and sports administration and coaching majors at Bob Jones University.

Podcast Episodes

Trends in Modern Basketball with Thomas Bridges

Thomas Bridges is an assistant video coordinator in the NBA. He discusses where the current game of basketball is moving, suggestions for succeeding as a player at the next level, and how analytics and video have created an opportunity for a career in basketball.


Be the CEO of Your Program with Mike Leviere, BJU Bruins

Mike Leviere is in his 10th year as the women’s basketball coach at Bob Jones University. He shares what it’s like to start a program from nothing, lessons learned from his experience in running a team, and advice for those who want to coach for more than wins.


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