Dr. Dish Drill of the Week: Natural Pitch Shooting Drill

For those of you who run the Read and React offense with your team, over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing some R&R drills you can use with your Dr. Dish shooting machines.

This week’s drill focuses on the natural pitch movement – drive, draw, dish!

Player 1 receives the pass at the top of the key then drives hard towards the elbow. Player 2 drifts to the corner as Player 3 cuts baseline (Player 3 will continue to run back to the top of the key to be next in line).

Player 1 passes to Player 2 on the natural pitch. Player 2 shoots.    

For the next rep, Player 2 stays in the corner. Player 1 moves out to the wing, Player 4 receives a pass from the Dish.

Want more ideas for your skill development workouts? Check out my Dr. Dish Shooting Machine Drill course at CoachTube.com


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