Dr. Dish Drill of the Week: Shooting Off Screens

This is a great way to use the Dr. Dish especially if you have a coach, parent, or teammate that can receive passes from the Dish and deliver them to players coming off of the different screens.

Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, JJ Redick – three players known for being great at moving off-the-ball to create open shots for themselves. Simulate those types of off-the-ball movements in this Dr. Dish shooting machine drill.

Begin the player(s) on the block, below where the typical screen is set. On the pass out to the coach, the player will begin their movement. Essentially, players will simulate coming off various types of screens:

Orange: shooting off a straight cut

Red: shooting after a curl

Blue: shooting off a flare cut

Depending on the # of players and skill level, we recommend setting the pass tempo at Tempo 3-6. And make sure to work both sides of the floor and really focus on getting the footwork down to maximize the effectiveness of the drills to allow them to carry over to game situations.

Of course this drill can be executed without Dr. Dish, but won’t be as efficient. Also, the Dish is able to track complete stats and analytics within each drill. We recommend setting a shots made goal to hit before moving on to the next drill.

Want more ideas for your skill development workouts? Check out my Dr. Dish Shooting Machine Drill course at CoachTube.com.


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