Using Your Man-to-Man BLOBs vs. Zone Defense

Do you have a separate out-of-bounds playbook for man-to-man defense and zone defenses? Don’t waste the time and frustration teaching your players a whole new set of plays for each defensive scheme! Coach Ido Singer explains how to take your existing OOBs plays and tweak things to score against zone defenses.

Watch the full web clinic with Coach Singer here.

Improve Your PPP on OOB Plays

When it comes to scoring off of out-of-bounds plays, one of the tricks is to make every play look the same, disguising various scoring actions within the same formation. Coach Singer’s playbook course has 23 great High Formation BLOB plays that you can use with teams at all levels and gear towards your personnel. The versatility of this formation creates a level of confusion and unfamiliarity among opponents and makes it very hard to prepare to guard your team’s BLOB actions. Give it a look!

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