Summer Reading Suggestions for Basketball Coaches

Summer is the time for improvement for basketball coaches. Here are a few book suggestions for the off-season…


Synopsis: Essentialism is a book about focusing on what’s truly important in life and eliminating distractions. McKeown argues that too many people try to do too much and end up accomplishing very little. He encourages readers to adopt an “essentialist” mindset, which involves identifying their top priorities and saying no to everything else. By doing so, they can focus their energy and resources on what really matters and achieve greater success and fulfillment. McKeown also provides practical tips and strategies for implementing an essentialist lifestyle, including learning to prioritize, eliminating non-essential tasks, and setting boundaries.

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The Messiah Method: The Seven Disciplines of the Winningest College Soccer Program in America

Synopsis: The Messiah Method explores the seven key disciplines that have made the Messiah College soccer program one of the most successful in America. Zigarelli, a professor of management, spent several years studying the program and interviewing its coaches, players, and staff. He discovered that the team’s success is not just due to talent or luck, but rather a deliberate focus on seven disciplines: recruiting, discipline, culture, talent development, strategy, execution, and faith. Through these disciplines, the program has developed a winning mindset and a culture of excellence that extends beyond the soccer field. Zigarelli shares valuable insights and practical advice that can be applied to any team or organization striving for success.

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The Language of Coaching: The Art & Science of Teaching Movement

Synopsis: The Language of Coaching explores the art and science of coaching movement. Winkelman, a former strength and conditioning coach for the Irish Rugby Football Union, argues that effective coaching requires both technical expertise and the ability to communicate that knowledge in a way that is meaningful and actionable for athletes. He provides coaches with practical tools and strategies for improving their communication skills, including the use of imagery, cueing, and feedback. Winkelman also emphasizes the importance of understanding the science behind movement and the role of the brain in learning and executing motor skills. The book offers valuable insights and practical advice for coaches at all levels and in all sports.

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The 21st Century Basketball Practice: Modernizing the basketball practice to develop the global player

Synopsis: The 21st Century Basketball Practice provides coaches with practical advice for modernizing their basketball practices to better develop players for the global game. McCormick argues that traditional practices often focus too much on individual skills and not enough on team play and situational awareness, which are crucial in today’s game. He advocates for a more game-like approach to practice that involves realistic drills and scenarios, as well as a greater emphasis on decision-making and problem-solving. McCormick also stresses the importance of adapting practices to individual players’ needs and abilities. The book provides coaches with a comprehensive guide to designing effective and efficient practices that maximize player development.

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