Teaching Offense via 3-on-3 SSGs

Recently, I shared 3 small-sided games (SSGs) we use with our players to accelerate their improvement on the defensive end. This time, we’ll look at the offensive side of the ball.

Slot, Slot, Post

Within our offense, one of the most common actions is the pass up top across the midline. The subsequent action is a slice cut (also called by coaches sometimes a “fingers cut”) that results in the blur screen for the ball handler. In addition, I’m often asked what dictates movement by post player within our 4 out, 1 in offense. This slot, slot, post 3 v 3 game allows us to practice coordinating movement patterns in both those situations.

Cone Touch 3 v 3

Here’s a game to quickly put the offense in an advantage situation, allowing players to practice recognizing help and then making the right read off of where help comes. After that first pass, the receiver then determines if a shot should be taken or if the “one more” pass should be made to a more open teammate. Take too long to decide, and the defense recovers with that 3rd, player and the advantage is lost.

3v3 Blood Drill

Similar to the drill above, Blood Drills (what we call “Attack Drills”) put the offense at an advantage, forcing defenders to help and rotate. These drills are great for quick reps and force players to think fast to make the right read.

3-on-3 with Hoops Hub

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Additional Resources

If you’re looking to incorporate more SSGs into your practices, check out my resources from CoachTube.com.


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