The Davidson Wildcats’ Early Offense Options

Bob McKillops’ Davidson Wildcats consistently rank in the top 30 in offensive efficiency at the Division I level. Based on player movement, screening and decision making, the Wildcats’ motion offense puts constant pressure on defenses.

As with any offense, everything begins with great spacing.

To create optimal space, the 2 and 3 run to the deep corners while the 5 rim runs. The trail man typically moves to the top of the key. If able, the point guard will drive to make a play for himself or a teammate (Frame 1). If a drive isn’t available, he may dribble behind the trail man, using the 4 as almost a brush screen (Frame 2).

If the point guard has no play to make, then the next progression is use the trail man to create an advantage. That can be done by either having the 4 set a pin down for the corner player (Frame 1) or by reversing the ball to the 4. The 4 throws one down to the 2 then sets a stagger away with the 1 for the opposite corner player (Frame 2)

When the 4 sets a pin down for the corner player, the early offense doesn’t stop if the defense takes away the shot by 2. The 4 continues on and sets another down screen for the opposite corner player (Frame 2).

And then finally, if off the pin down shown above, the 2 rejects 4’s pindown, the action continues. The 2 moves towards the basket to set a stagger with the 4 for the 3 (Frame 2).

Wanting more of Bob McKillop’s offense? Here are a few 5-Out options from the Wildcats’ final game this past season in the NCAA Tournament against Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartans…

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