Two 5-Out Actions for Your Playbook

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I love using sets with consecutive actions. Not only are they hard to guard, but you almost always end up with more than one scoring opportunity. For those of you who are 5-Out coaches, here are a couple 5-Out options designed with those consecutive actions…

5 Out Flex

The back-to-back actions of flex with that cross screen immediately followed by a down screen are always hard to guard as “one-offs” (i.e., not repeated flex offense). In addition, because of the nature of 5-Out with players spread outside the 3P line, there’s the potential for your 5 to drive it with a lot of space while the cross screen-down screen is happening on the other side of the floor.

5-Out Flare

Eric Spoelstra’s Miami Heat team is a great watch for 5-Out ideas. The ball screen (2 screening for 1) immediately followed by the flare screen (5 for 2) can create confusion that allows 1 to drive it to score or toss it back to 2 for either a drive or shot. Send your 5 to the rim off the flare and you may end up with an open layup as well.

Masterclass: 5-Out Early Offense with Radius Athletics’ Randy Sherman

Interested in more 5-Out options? Radius Athletics’ Randy Sherman joined me for a 5-Out Early Offense masterclass. Ideas for tying transition offense to your half-court offense using 5-Out.

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