Two 5-Out Ball Screen Adjustments

5-Out Offense is all the rage these days. With today’s players’ skills and an overall emphasis on spacing, ball movement and player movement, 5-Out Offense provides opportunities for every player on the court to contribute on the offensive end.

Here are two adjustments to make as defenses evolve to take away actions within your normal 5-Out Offense.

Short Roll

A lot of defenses at the college level and especially at the high school level are blitzing and hard hedging ball screens. What’s the offense’s solution? A short roll from the screener has the potential to create a 4-on-3 for the offense. Radius Athletics’ Randy Sherman breaks down how to make the short roll work for your team, and what happens next…

Flip Drag

The 5 screening for your point guard is one of the most common actions within 5-Out. A great way to mix things up is with a consecutive action. The Pistol action (or “Flip Drag”) allows you to put different defenders in the ball screen while forcing the defense to talk through back-to-back actions.

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for more 5-Out Offense resources, here are a few…


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