Improve Your Team with Postseason Player Evaluations

Player Evaluation Form

So, what’s the plan for your team this offseason? Surely it’s more than, “get better,” right?

Ultimately, the improvement of your team lies in the off-season improvement of your individual players. But the plan has to be more specific than just “get better.” Players need to know what skills are needed for them, and your team, to have success this coming season. That all starts with a well thought-out player evaluation plan.

Appalachian State women’s basketball assistant coach, Mark Cascio, joined A Quick Timeout podcast to talk about his process for conducting postseason player evaluations. Check it out then scroll down to the bottom of this post for some additional resources for you to adapt and use with your players.

Having players take notes or even including them in the off-season planning during your 1-on-1 meetings is a great way to keep them engaged as well as help them take more ownership in the process. This postseason meeting form allows for players to assess their performance and then for coaches to give feedback about players’ performance. They leave with both specific areas for improvement as well as a plan for improving in the offseason.

Player Evaluation Form

Each year, we put our players through an NBA-like combine to test their physical development. This player evaluation form combines those testing numbers with players’ psychological and basketball “makeup” to form a “map” for off-season development. You can make these specific to each player, including specific drills for players to focus on.

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